G2 Risk Solutions and Mastercard Combine AI and Merchant Insights
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Ad Monitoring

By quickly identifying problematic advertisements, we help you avoid regulatory scrutiny and negative news. With targeted action that matches your risk tolerance, we allow you to channel your resources into the growth of your platform.

Ad Monitoring
Enhance platform trust and safety with proactive ad monitoring

Enhance platform trust and safety with proactive ad monitoring

Maintain the integrity of your advertising platform with our ad monitoring solution. Protect your platform from problematic content on a global scale.

  • Shut down harmful or misleading content.
  • Safely expand into new jurisdictions.
  • Safeguard your reputation.

Power your compliance with our expertise

  • Quickly identify problematic ads in dozens of high-risk categories.
  • Provide regulatory insights to empower your compliance strategy.
  • Seamlessly integrate our expertise with your internal compliance systems.

Effortless integration, exceptional results

Our ad monitoring solution is designed to meet the needs of your platform. Using thousands of high-risk keywords and phrases, we systematically crawl your ad platform and quickly identify high-risk listings. To avoid false positives, our expert analysts review the ads and validate those that violate jurisdictional regulations or your internal policies. Finally, we provide you easily readable reports explaining the violations.


Key benefits

Key benefit

Risk mitigation

Identify compliance risks early to prevent regulatory scrutiny, financial penalties, and reputational damage. This proactive approach to risk management is crucial in today’s complex regulatory environment.

Key benefit

Global perspective

Gain expert insights into regional regulatory differences so you can successfully navigate the complexities of international commerce.

Key benefit

Targeted monitoring

Focus on high-risk and brand-damaging ad categories, including pharmaceuticals and healthcare, financial services, adult content, gambling, and tobacco/vaping products.

Key benefit

User safety

Protect consumers from misleading or harmful advertising content, enhancing user trust and loyalty.


Content collection

Using thousands of strategically-chosen keywords and phrases, we systematically scrape your ad platform and identify relevant ads.

Data parsing and normalization

Once the data is collected, we parse and normalize it for analysis. This means converting the data into a standardized format, which makes it easier to identify patterns, trends, or anomalies.

Expert review and analysis

In addition to using automated processes, we rely on our expert analysts. This tenured team reviews flagged listings to identify nuances that automated systems might miss.

Ongoing monitoring

In highly regulated industries, compliance obligations often differ by country. Our expert analysts stay ahead of regional regulatory changes, so we can update our data collection to reflect new requirements.

Reporting and alerts

We compile our findings into easily readable reports.

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What this means for you

Ad monitoring gives you the knowledge and tools necessary to make informed decisions and safely grow your platform. Most importantly, it gives you peace of mind.

  1. Assured compliance

    We stay up to date on regulatory changes so your ad platform always meets the latest requirements.

  2. Enhanced productivity

    By using our outsourced compliance solution, you can focus on strategic initiatives.

  3. Market expansion

    Our monitoring capabilities ensure a trusted and compliant ad environment, so you can attract more advertisers and boost revenue.

  4. Consumer protection

    Ongoing monitoring minimizes exposure to deceptive advertising, so your platform is safe for consumers.

Frequently asked questions

What is G2's Ad Monitoring Solution?

We monitor and analyze advertisements on e-advertising platforms, ensuring compliance with jurisdiction-specific regulations and company policies.

How does G2's Ad Monitoring Solution work?

Using G2’s proprietary crawling capabilities and expert analysts, we quickly identify and report problematic ads.

Which high-risk industries does your Ad Monitoring Solution specifically focus on?

We can configure our solution to meet your needs. Common requests include: pharmaceuticals and healthcare, financial services, adult content, gambling, and tobacco/vaping products. We also monitor for false claims or deceptive marketing in areas such as dietary supplements and political content. This extensive coverage ensures thorough monitoring and compliance across sectors that are most susceptible to regulatory scrutiny and consumer risk.

What happens when a problematic ad is identified?

We quickly notify the platform, allowing for immediate corrective action.

Is G2's Ad Monitoring Solution suitable for all sizes of e-advertising platforms?

Yes, our solution is scalable and can be configured to meet the needs of both small and large e-advertising platforms.

How can I get started with G2's Ad Monitoring Solution?

Contact us for a consultation, and our team will find a solution to fit your specific needs.