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Supervisory Platform

Seamlessly monitor industry participants’ performance and make informed macro-economic decisions with our robust data collection and insights platform.

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Supervisory Platform
Streamline oversight of regulated entities

Streamline oversight of regulated entities

Meet your regulatory obligations with optimized data management. As a regulator, you need to collect, validate, augment, analyze, and disseminate data collected from the entities you oversee.

Regulatory analysis includes

  • Evaluating the operational, financial, and overall health of the regulated entities.
  • Determining their compliance status.
  • Evaluating and assessing the overall status of the entire industry.

Empowering the regulators

Make informed decisions based on actionable insights from a single source. Our data platform collects, validates, transforms, and analyzes your data to give you the information you need to take action with confidence.


Key benefits

Key benefit

Robust administration and oversight

As an administrator, establish organizational structures, manage roles and permissions, allocate ownerships, integrate with LDAP, and enable thorough audits.

Key benefit

Data ingestion and quality

Leverage sophisticated and efficient data management capabilities, including configuring data pipelines, setting up source-to-target mapping, monitoring data, tracking data quality, and creating comprehensive validation frameworks.

Key benefit


Use our intuitive dashboard for multiple use cases, including monitoring different tasks, creating visual representations, accessing historic reports, managing queries, and more.

Key benefit

Advanced data insights

Leverage the advanced analytical capabilities of our solution to gain meaningful insights on the data submitted by the regulated entities. Build models to review, and extract necessary information needed to enhance decision-making processes.


Templates manager

To give regulators the ability to ensure prompt and readily adaptable reporting formats, we have our intuitive template designer on offer.

It allows supervisors to accelerate the change management process with a convenient spreadsheet-based report format builder.

Comprehensive data control

Effortlessly access, view, and edit data from various sources on-screen, and manage reference master data seamlessly. Upload and maintain associated documents along with submitted returns in the system. Track and monitor tasks through a single-page dashboard, providing a comprehensive view of in-progress, completed, and overdue statuses.

Low-code/No-code (LCNC)

Fintellix Supervisory Platform employs various LCNC principles that enable the front-end users to tailor the application to suit the varying requirements of their organizations.

Our codeless approach to product design presents a very shallow learning curve for the front-end users.

Workflow administration and user access

We offer GUI-based interfaces to enable financial institutions to collaborate seamlessly with the regulators, submit data, and meet their regulatory requirements through a platform that is able to adapt to the specific and unique business needs.




Syndicates that are submitting their returns to the Supervisor


Managing agents who are responsible for creating and submitting the returns on the behalf of the syndicates and other reporting entities


Active users in production