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Regulatory Reporting Solutions

Leverage your existing data infrastructure to allow in-country teams to manage jurisdiction-specific regulatory rules, data validations, and regulatory templates.

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Regulatory Reporting Solutions

Simplify regulatory reporting by jurisdiction

Convert data from your standardized schema into individual reports tailored to the format requirements of multiple jurisdictions.

  • Easily transform your data with codeless conversion.
  • Comply with jurisdiction-specific requirements.
  • Increase agility and decrease the cost of compliance.

Efficient, effective, and simple

  • Tailor the solution to fit your unique needs with customizable features.
  • Seamlessly integrate with your existing systems to ensure a cohesive reporting ecosystem.
  • Manage the entire reporting lifecycle through a single point of view across all departments.
  • Enable effective collaboration with powerful document management tools.

A flexible and scalable platform

Use our auditable data augmentation layer for all regulatory reporting use cases.

Reduce dependence on your IT team by limiting their role to data acquisition into an accessible data storage hub.

Leverage our reliable regulatory reporting solution to observe the difference between a seamlessly scalable transition to new norms and an inefficient implementation.


Key benefits

Key benefit

BCBS 239 compliant

Strengthen your risk data aggregation capabilities with our solution that supports manual data adjustments to the system-calculated fields.

Key benefit

Simplified change management

Manage regulatory changes in a simplified manner through configurable screens and rules engine, thereby ensuring timely compliance.

Key benefit

Always audit ready

Understand the who, what, and when of any change that happens in the system with audit trails at each stage of the workflow.

Key benefit

Support for multiple formats including XBRL

Generate reports in XBRL, PDF, XLS, along with other prescribed formats.


Flexible data integration

Seamless integration with any core banking systems, loan processing program, data repository, or any other IT ecosystem component including Global Data Warehouse.

  • Integrate gap as well as manual data by simply uploading the files in the system.
  • Maintain a single source of truth for data to enable standardized and seamless reporting.

Data lineage

Perform drill-down operations on any of the line items or fields populated within any of the system-calculated reports.

  • Use the drill-down feature to see the underlying logic used to calculate field value.
  • Validate the business logic created to automate the report-generation process.
  • Reconcile the report numbers as per the logic/working files.

Pre-built regulatory reporting taxonomy

Access a set of pre-configured, customizable report templates to aid in your regulatory obligations.

  • Adapt easily customizable templates to the specific regulatory needs of your jurisdiction.
  • Reduce the turnaround time for report delivery with readily configurable out-of-box reports .
  • Relinquish dependence on your IT team by exploiting our Low Code No Code approach.

Data granularity

Data is sourced from all the upstream systems in as-is manner at the lowest granularity level and captured in our lowermost layer called the reception layer.

  • Raw, granular data is stored in as-is manner to provide same familiarity with the user.
  • Use granular data to derive multiple use cases in our umbrella of solutions or any other downstream applications.

User-friendly interface

The entire solution is designed with the business user’s convenience in mind.

  • Use GUI-based utilities to manage reference data such as industry codes, branch codes, and similar.
  • Maintain regulatory rules and data validation with a business-user friendly interface.
  • Easily navigate across different screens/workflows via intuitive designs with self-help/user guides.

Review Process Flow (RPF)

Easily create multiple customizable user-defined workflows with n-level authorization workflow, enabled by our RPF engine.

  • Customize the approval workflow in accordance with your organization’s practices.
  • Create new users and authorizers to assign multiple roles in the review workflow.
  • Receive notifications at each step of the workflow.

Multi-country regulatory reporting

Manage your multi-jurisdictional regulatory reporting needs through a common standardized platform.


• RBI Reporting
• Risk Based Supervision
• Fraud Analytics Liquidity Reporting
• Complaints Management System
• Loan Loss Calculations
• Liquidity Reporting


• Philippines: Data Lake | Data Analytics | BSP Reporting
• South Korea: FCS Reporting
• Thailand: Data Governance | MIS
• Hong Kong: HKMA Reporting | GDR
• Singapore: MAS Reporting
• Australia: APRA Reporting | LCR Reporting


• United Kingdom: MIS and Regulatory Reporting | Supervisory Platform for insurance industry
• UAE: CBUAE Reporting
• Saudi Arabia: SAMA Reporting
• Kuwait: CBK Reporting | IFRS and Risk Solutions
• Mauritius: BoM Reporting


• USA: CECL Solution | CCAR Reporting



3 PB+

Data managed for all clients daily

$2 T

Worth of assets managed via our application across all clients


Years handling regulatory reporting needs of multiple global banks