G2 Risk Solutions and Mastercard Combine AI and Merchant Insights
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Persistent Merchant Monitoring

Protect your portfolio and increase revenue with G2 Risk Solutions, used by more leading acquirers than all other providers combined.

Monitor merchant websites globally

Identify risky content being offered by your merchants to stay compliant with card brand rules (GBPP/BRAM) and governmental regulations. Additionally, receive alerts on configurable terms of service content categories per your organization’s risk policies.

Thorough content monitoring

  • Mitigate card network fines via better underwriting and monitoring.
  • Detect merchants that masquerade as “low-risk” within your portfolio.
  • Decrease risk by immediately weeding out bad actors.

Data, technology, and insights

When you use G2RS data assets, technology at scale, and unparalleled domain expertise you gain powerful insights completely unique in the market. Persistent Merchant Monitoring (PMM) also helps you save time and money spent on internal risk management processes, allowing your teams to turn more focus to decision-making instead of data collection.


Key benefits

Key benefit

Comply with content regulations

Ensure your merchants are following card network and governmental regulations for content being sold.

Key benefit

Targeted reporting for your business

Receive alerts for terms of service and region-based violation categories that are relevant to your portfolio.

Key benefit

Balance high-risk, high-revenue merchant types

Keep a trained eye on high-risk merchant business categories to mitigate assessments while growing your business.

Key benefit

Reduce operational burden

Remove time-consuming internal processes, freeing your risk teams to perform high-value decisions.


Portfolio analytics

The G2RS portal provides visual snapshots of your portfolio’s performance to understand where there may be process gaps or additional revenue opportunities. Our PMM dashboard includes:

  • The proportion of content violations in top-reported categories.
  • Total counts of reported content violations by severity.
  • Action stats (cleared, terminated) by content category.
  • A comparison of your data against the G2 Risk Solutions database.

Expert review

Each violation identified by G2RS technology is validated by tenured risk experts to ensure your teams aren’t wasting time weeding through false positives.

Multilingual support

There are no boundaries when it comes to our global content monitoring solutions. Identify violating content no matter what region your merchant is located in and receive translated analyst notes in key languages.

Risk policy configuration

Receive alerts for terms of service and region-based violation categories that are meaningful to your portfolio. Severity levels of reported categories are tailored for relevance by geography.

Flexible workflows

We partner with you to set up their merchant monitoring reporting so it aligns with your workflow. For example, Persistent Merchant Monitoring supports the following workflow use cases:

  • Reporting for defined groupings of your merchants (based on risk level, geography, etc.)
  • Hierarchical reporting and oversight for acquirers partnering with ISOs and PSPs
  • Individual case-review preferences, via numerous filter, sort, and search options in the G2RS portal
  • Mastercard Merchant Monitoring Program (MMP) monthly reporting on your behalf

Portal and API access

Submit merchants, receive content violations, and apply case actions via API or through the user-friendly G2RS portal.


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Merchants monitored for violating content.


Content violations reported to date, representing billions of dollars in prevented fines.