G2 Risk Solutions and Mastercard Combine AI and Merchant Insights
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Global Boarding

Detect violating merchants before you board them, offload costly, time-consuming boarding tasks, and accelerate the merchant acquisitions process.

Global Boarding
Achieve merchant acquisition at speed

Achieve merchant acquisition at speed

Make faster boarding decisions with streamlined collection of critical know-your-customer (KYC) information into one convenient location. Configure the right level of due diligence to fit your risk tolerance and business goals.

Stop problematic merchants before boarding

  • Predict future merchant behavior to board better merchants and grow revenue.
  • Accelerate acquisition of high-value merchants while avoiding fraud and assessments.
  • Ensure most-accurate and complete merchant insights from an expert analyst.

Flexible offerings for the right information at the right time

G2RS Compass Score®: Predict a merchant’s behavior over the next 12 months, based on dozens of industry sources and the our proprietary Merchant Map® built over the past two decades.

Risk expert insights: Enhanced due diligence includes in-depth content reviews, business policies inspections, industry background reports, and service provider analysis performed by our tenured risk experts.

KYC Automation: Eliminate manual checks and improve quality and accuracy of KYC data with our KYCA API, which provides a detailed response in minutes.


Key benefits

Key benefit

Rapid merchant acquisition

Faster merchant acquisition means faster business growth. By reducing friction in the merchant onboarding process, you will attract new customers and get them set up to transact more quickly.

Key benefit

Quantify risk

Understanding merchant risk is difficult and it is crucial to make informed decisions—especially when trying to board at speed. At G2RS, our solutions are designed to help your teams quickly digest a large amount of information so they can take action confidently.

Key benefit

Reduce operational expenses

Traditional merchant acquisition is comprised with numerous time-consuming data collection steps—but it doesn’t need to be this way at your organization. By partnering with G2RS, you can automate over 95% of manual checks required at boarding.

Key benefit

Configurable solution suite

G2RS solutions are configurable to the types of risk that are most concerning to you and the information that is most useful in making a merchant boarding decision. We will partner with you to make sure you have the right solutions for your unique onboarding workflow.


Compass Score

The G2 Compass Score indicates the likelihood that a merchant will incur a violation within the next year—the higher the score, the greater the possibility that a violation will occur. The score is returned in real-time and provides a simple, easy-to-analyze merchant risk rating to help speed the boarding process. This feature offers a granular view into the merchants’ data history, which allows for more informed boarding decisions.

Expert review

Receive a thorough review of the merchant’s website by a G2RS risk expert to identify any illegal or brand-damaging content. This includes content that violates the card network compliance programs, such as the Mastercard Business Risk Assessment and Mitigation Program (BRAM), Visa Global Brand Protection Program (GBPP) or content that violates your terms of service.

Automated KYC checks

Validate merchant-supplied information and uncover additional, pertinent details needed to make underwriting decisions. Automated KYC checks include on-demand website crawling, government and legal checks, reputational checks, and merchant analytics (ex. web server geolocation, address verification, and mapping).

Business policies inspection

G2RS risk analysts will retrieve the merchant’s business polices and validate business contact and address information. This involves a comparison of the business and address information provided by the merchant to that which is listed on the merchant’s website. In addition, we’ll evaluate any risk posed by the business policies displayed on the merchant’s website.

Service provider analysis

Verify whether the merchant website has data risk potential and whether PCI DSS-compliant service providers are in use. G2RS risk analysts will also test the merchant website to assess whether it is active or redirecting to another website and perform SSL checks in the merchant’s user registration and shopping cart processes.

Portal and API access

Submit merchant review requests and receive results through API or the user-friendly G2RS portal.