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Bankruptcy Notifications

Minimize losses and maximize recoveries by quickly and accurately identifying bankrupt accounts.

Bankruptcy Notifications
Bankruptcy Notifications

Never miss a bankruptcy

Identify customers that have filed for bankruptcy as soon as the next day, including critical dates for filing claims and other court documents.

  • Avoid false positives.
  • Avoid automatic stay violations.
  • Reduce financial, legal, and reputational exposure.

Automate bankruptcy notifications

  • Identify new filings automatically.
  • Reduce losses.
  • Maximize operational efficiencies.
  • Avoid lawsuits

Portfolio monitoring for better business and recoveries

Missed bankruptcies equate to lost revenue. Meanwhile, mistakenly treating a customer as bankrupt hurts customer relationships and is bad for business. You need to know which customers are in good standing and who has filed for bankruptcy or has a change in status, like people who are active duty military or deceased.

We scrub and monitor your portfolio to ensure you have current and accurate bankruptcy data.


Key benefits

Key benefit

Catch every bankruptcy

Identify every bankrupt account, as well as all other accounts with stay requirements, like active duty military and deceased.

Key benefit

Maximize FTEs

Stop using your team for manual portfolio reviews. Replace that slow, inefficient, and costly process with automated bankruptcy scrubs. You’ll see increased recoveries too.

Key benefit

Cut your losses

Maximize recoveries with quick notification that a debtor has filed for bankruptcy protection, enabling you to file a timely proof of claim.

Key benefit

Avoid lawsuits

Receiving a single automatic stay violation can cost thousands of dollars when an attorney sues on behalf of the debtor for a.”Motion for Damages for Violation of Stay.”

Key benefit

Eliminate paper mail

Integrate electronic BNC notices to eliminate the need for mailroom staff to manage this slow, outdated, and often duplicative process. Reallocate your team to higher-value work.

Key benefit

Avoid reputational damage

Falsely identifying a non-bankrupt account as bankrupt is as bad as missing a bankruptcy.


Portfolio scrubs

Identify bankrupt and solvent accounts quickly and accurately—available as a one-time or ongoing service.

Electronic bankruptcy notifications +

Reduce FTEs needed to monitor and manage physical mail by replacing the Bankruptcy Noticing Center (BNC) physical mail with electronic notifications.

  • Eliminate paper mail.
  • Receive automated daily notifications.
  • Access consolidated BNC notifications in a single data feed.

Best-in-class matching algorithms

Ensure certainty with accurate matches using our proprietary algorithm, which incorporates the latest in entity resolution technology.

Custom projects

Partner with us for tailored services, such as reconciling your portfolio, scrubbing a newly acquired portfolio, or conducting due diligence to ensure accurate event and account statuses in your account management systems.

Flexible architecture

Integrate EBN data with our bankruptcy notifications, online portal, and more. Configure matching algorithms, business rules, and layouts.