G2 Risk Solutions and Mastercard Combine AI and Merchant Insights
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Credit Risk Solutions

Effortlessly manage regulatory risks and stay compliant with the latest regulatory norms on asset quality classifications and provisions pertaining to loan allowance calculations.

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Credit Risk Solutions
Optimize credit risk management

Optimize credit risk management

Comprehensive workflow-driven low-code/no-code solutions to help financial institutions:

  • Manage your assets as per the extant jurisdictional regulations.
  • Monitor financial health of the borrowers on a continual basis.
  • Provision funds for different asset classes in accordance with the regulatory prescriptions.

Simplicity, configurability, and flexibility

  • We provide flexibility in incorporating client source data.
  • Our proprietary banking data model is extensive enough to accommodate 95% of client business models.
  • Our NPL management solution helps clients cater to both incurred loss as well as expected loss frameworks.
  • Our credit risk solutions offer extensive configurability by allowing users to adapt the application to their risk management needs.

Multi-faceted credit risk solutions

Aggregate your data coming from different sources using our data management platform. Then, transform the input data in our data repository. Finally, perform the necessary calculations at the solution layer.

Customize each layer to tailor the solution to your regulatory and risk management needs.

Manage the entire asset quality lifecycle from monitoring to bad loan management and loss allowance calculations.

Translate complex asset classification and allowance norms into user-friendly configurations.


Key benefits

Key benefit

Codeless asset classification engine

Effortless, intuitive, and user-friendly engine for implementing the latest regulatory guidelines.

Key benefit

Flexible and configurable

Flexibility to tweak and configure the solution to suit your specific credit risk management needs.

Key benefit

Consolidated borrower-level view

Aggregate multiple disconnected data sources under one roof to provide borrower-level asset classifications.

Key benefit

Adaptable loan allowance calculations

Apply multiple methodologies to compare and analyze their impact on loan loss allowance calculations.

Credit risk solutions you can trust

Non-Performing Loans Management (NPL)

Non-Performing Loans Management (NPL)

Classify the existing set of bad assets on your loan book, as well as manage your provisioning and accounting requirements in consistence with the incurred loss approach.

Current Expected Credit Loss (CECL)

Current Expected Credit Loss (CECL)

Measure, monitor, orchestrate, and manage your loan allowance requirements using expected credit loss framework.

Early Warning System (EWS)

Early Warning System (EWS)

Integrate, transform, augment, and aggregate both internal and external data under one roof to generate meaningful insights on borrower risk characteristics.

Non-Performing Loans Management (NPL)
Current Expected Credit Loss (CECL)
Early Warning System (EWS)


Analytical workbench

Enable your front-end users to slice and dice the input data to create multiple portfolio representations.

  • Create your own detailed data models to enable analytical reports.
  • Use different attributes tocreate different assets like tables, charts, and graphs.
  • Use the generated assets to create an ad-hoc dashboard for each department.

Effortless data management

Start the asset quality management lifecycle by aggregating the diverse data coming in from multiple source systems to create a single source of truth.

  • Correct discrepancies in the source systems before transformation and eventual processing.
  • Highlight irregularities in the front-end and rectify them.
  • Export rectifications in multiple formats to be fed back to the source systems.

Peer analysis

Our solution offers the unique ability to compare and analyze yourself with similar peers in the industry.

  • Define parameters to create different peer groups.
  • Create multiple variables to perform group-wise competitor analysis.
  • Use peers’ data to estimate missing data points.

Qualitative, environmental (Q&E) and economic data integration

In consistency with the ECL framework, our CECL solution allows financial institutions to incorporate reasonable and supportable forward-looking information in the loan allowance calculations.

  • Collect economic data in different formats from multiple external sources.
  • Define custom Q&E factors that are assigned different configurable weights.
  • Transform economic data into distinct variables with a customizable multiplication factor.

Alerts and reminders

Manage internal deadlines with continuous monitoring of tasks to be performed along with the users performing the tasks.

  • All solutions come pre-configured with an events-based email notification system.
  • These events, when triggered, sent an email to a pre-selected group of users.
  • Front-end users can easily switch in or switch out of each event and configure recipients of email alerts.

Effective risk management strategies

Benefit from complex machine learning algorithms that add an element of intelligence in assessing borrowers’ risk scores.

  • Tweak the parameters of the ML model to create complex risk scenarios.
  • Configure custom risk KPIs and metrics to adapt to your business model needs.
  • Take prompt actions upon receiving alerts on custom or standard risk triggers.


25 TB+

Data managed for all clients on a daily basis

$1 T

Worth of assets managed via our application across all clients


Clients using our credit risk solutions worldwide