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Data Analytics Platform

Harness the power of advanced analytics and machine learning algorithms seamlessly integrated into a user-friendly interface, tailored to meet the unique data needs of your organization.

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Data Analytics Platform
Codeless front-end data management

Transform data into actionable insights

Empower your business decisions with codeless front-end data management. We combine innovation and intelligence to arm your team with self-service solutions.

Data to information to knowledge

  • Gain transparency into the entire data transformation lifecycle through our innovative design.
  • Govern user access to various functionalities, artifacts, and data with role-based access and authorizations.
  • Define data validation rules through a formula-based expression editor with support for comprehensive list of functions and operators.
  • Build customized reports and dashboards to get deeper insights into metadata and data.
  • Use machine learning capabilities to understand the different patterns and behaviours within the datasets, and help predict and derive insights.

The pivotal role of effective data management

Whether you are a small startup or a large enterprise, our scalable and secure data analytics solution ensures that you stay ahead of the curve. The Solution layer transforms and augments the data.

Our platform offers robust data visualization templates, real-time analytics workbench, and customizable reporting formats, allowing you to uncover hidden patterns and make informed decisions swiftly.

The standard reporting and visualization templates can be augmented by custom ones that can be fitted to suit your specific needs.

Customizations can be performed onscreen without involving any developers or backend touchups.


Key benefits

Key benefit

Powerful insights

Harness the full potential of your data with our advanced analytics tools, providing in-depth and real-time insights to guide your business strategy.

Key benefit

User-friendly interface

Experience an intuitive and user-friendly platform that empowers both technical and non-technical users to effortlessly explore, visualize, and interpret complex datasets.

Key benefit

Scalability and performance

Our platform is designed to grow with your business, offering unparalleled scalability and performance to handle increasing data volumes and analytical demands.

Key benefit

Customization and integration

Tailor the platform to fit your unique needs with customizable features, and seamlessly integrate it with your existing systems to ensure a cohesive and streamlined data analytics ecosystem.

Data Analytics Platform

Data curation

Data curation

Address critical data challenges, focusing on enhancing data quality, enriching information through curation, and establishing clear ownership within enterprise data management. Our platform ensures effective data governance, delivering precise, comprehensive, and verified data consistently and promptly.

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Data analytics

Data analytics

Seamlessly integrate, prepare, and govern data with our unified solution. Enjoy streamlined operations, fortified user access, and comprehensive audit functions for heightened security and compliance. Customizable AI/ML-powered business rules elevate automation, while integrated AI/ML capabilities offer invaluable insights for data-driven decisions. Elevate your journey in a data-centric world with our platform.

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Data governance and quality

Data governance and quality

Ingest data and assign data owners, who, on an ongoing basis can monitor quality, cleanse, enrich and attest data, and thereafter the curated data can be consumed by various downstream data stores or applications, including reports and ad hoc analysis.

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Data curation
Data analytics
Data governance and quality


Advanced data visualization

Transform raw data into actionable insights through visually compelling charts and graphs, providing a clear and accessible representation of complex information for informed decision-making.

  • Create your own detailed and complex data models by selecting attributes that match your reporting needs.
  • Upon successful completion of the model, the users can start working on visual elements like tables, charts, and graphs.

Advanced data quality metrics

The platform employs sophisticated algorithms to Assess and enhance data quality , ensuring accuracy and reliability for critical financial insights.

  • This includes assessments of accuracy, completeness, consistency, and timeliness, providing a holistic understanding of the data landscape within the client ecosystem.
  • Allows the user to set and customize quality thresholds based on specific business requirements and compliance standards.

Ad-hoc reporting

Empower users to generate on-the-fly reports tailored to their specific needs with our ad-hoc reporting feature, providing instant access to crucial insights for agile decision-making.

  • Use the out-of-box reports covering vast areas pertaining to various operational, regulatory, and financial metrics.
  • Empower your business users to create custom reports with ease and little training.

Comprehensive validation checks

Robust validation mechanisms enable users to run extensive checks on data integrity, compliance, and accuracy, aligning with regulatory standards and internal governance policies.

  • Ensure rigorous adherence to regulatory frameworks within the BFSI sector.
  • Meticulously verify the accuracy of financial data through a series of validation checks.

Integration capabilities

Seamlessly integrate our platform with your existing tools and systems, fostering a cohesive data ecosystem and maximizing the value of your overall analytics strategy.

  • Reduce the effort involved in integrating new technologies with old or existing ones.
  • Experience effortless upstream and downstream coordination between our platform and your existing infrastructure.

Custom data models

Tailor your analytics environment to match your unique business structure by creating custom data models, ensuring that the platform aligns seamlessly with your organization’s specific data requirements and objectives.

  • Generate custom data models promptly in response to reporting requirements.
  • Use the derived attributes feature to establish extended models beyond the existing ones and fields.



Reduction in data preparation time


Improvement in operational efficiency through streamlined data access and analysis


Improvement in regulatory compliance reporting process due to reduction in data quality related issues