G2 Risk Solutions and Mastercard Combine AI and Merchant Insights
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Transaction Laundering Detection

Reveal hidden connections between your merchants and networks selling violating content to ensure portfolio compliance and avoid costly fines.

Find laundering merchants

G2 Risk Solutions (G2RS) identifies merchants in your portfolio that are laundering for bad actors. Get the evidence you need to help support your case for terminating a violating merchant.

The gold standard in transaction laundering detection

  • Prevent and mitigate card network fines.
  • Detect innocuous merchants that are engaged in laundering relationships.
  • Empower risk officers to make educated TL risk decisions.

Specialized and unmatched data

Our Transaction Laundering Detection is backed by our proprietary risk database, which is the most comprehensive in the industry. Assembled over 20 years, our data combines billions of data points validated by expert analysts to uncover inconspicuous bad actors in your portfolio.


Key benefits

Key benefit

Avoid card network assessments

By combining our comprehensive datasets, data science-backed technology, and tenured risk experts, we reveal hidden connections between your merchants and transaction laundering networks to avoid costly card network assessments.

Key benefit

Receive comprehensive, validated evidence

Expert G2RS analysts arm you with valuable evidence to empower your risk teams to take action with violating merchants. Our false positive rate is the lowest in the industry as we know your team’s time is better spent making decisions to positively impact your business.

Key benefit

Access the G2 community

We provide merchant monitoring services to more financial institutions, and has been providing them for longer, than any other vendor. The result is our unrivaled Merchant Map® and our powerful G2RS community, which gives us unique insight into a merchant’s behavior across the industry. If your merchant has been identified as violating in the past or at present for another G2 customer, rest assured that we’ll alert you as well.

Key benefit

Experience unique TL partnerships

We have numerous industry partnerships to enrich our TL dataset and processes—and we’re always adding more.


Known launderer scan

Leverage G2’s ever-expanding Merchant Map®, advanced technology, and expert analysis to identify known bad actors in your portfolio.

Test transactions

Reveal the payment path between sites selling violating content and your merchants through the most comprehensive test transaction program in the industry.

Deep-dive TL investigations

Submit suspicious merchants to be investigated by our highly experienced risk experts.

We conduct detailed research into dozens of potential areas of concern, then respond to you with consolidated findings. We arm you with the evidence you need to take action with violating merchants. Our false positive rate is the lowest in the industry, freeing up your team’s time.

Portfolio analytics

Understand the types of content that are most frequently related to laundering merchants in your portfolio in the G2RS portal dashboard.

Portal and API access

Submit merchants, receive transaction laundering leads, and apply case actions via API or through the user-friendly G2 Risk Solutions portal.


We know risk

20 years

Merchant data collection


Unique confirmed laundering-related merchant data points


Unique violating URLs tested in test transaction program