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License Verification

Know your business customers, reduce liability, and protect consumers.

License Verification

Onboard your business customers with confidence  

Verify that your advertisers possess the necessary licensure across all relevant jurisdictions, safeguarding the integrity of your platform.

  • Shut down scams before they start
  • Stay up-to-date on regulatory changes 
  • Receive the benefits of ongoing monitoring

Outsource your license verification needs

  • Configurable applications that meet your business needs
  • Dedicated support team that interacts with applicants
  • Applicant communications in localized languages
  • Country-specific research to identify regulatory exemptions

Meet regulatory requirements

Regulators around the world are increasingly requiring that digital commerce companies verify advertiser licensureor be held liable. With our license verification solution, you can meet these country-specific requirements and protect consumers from fraudulent advertisers.


Key benefits

Key benefit

Build trust

Elevate your platform’s reputation by preventing fraudulent businesses from gaining access.

Key benefit

Reduce risk

Reduce your risk of regulatory scrutiny by proactively identifying and blocking fraudulent advertisers.

Key benefit

Ensure safety

Provide a safe environment for consumers by diligently vetting the legitimacy of businesses who advertise on your platform.

Key benefit

Outsource expertise

By outsourcing country-specific regulatory requirements for high-risk businesses, your internal teams can focus on growth and innovation.


Efficient verification

We ensure that advertisers hold required licenses in their respective jurisdictions – or that they comply with a regulatory exemption.

Enhanced focus

We apply specialized scrutiny to high-risk categories to prevent fraudulent activities.

Ongoing monitoring

We perform regularly scheduled reviews to ensure that the credentials of your advertisers are always up to date.

Global coverage

We cover a wide array of jurisdictions and over 15 languages, offering a global solution to a global challenge.

Real-time reporting

We share applicant decisions in real time. This includes screenshots, submitted documents, and decision rationale.

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What this means for you

Empower your platform with License Verification, equipping you with insights and tools for informed decisions, ensuring safe growth, and providing peace of mind.

  1. Customer trust

    By verifying that your business customers are licensed, you build a loyal user base, confident in the safety and legitimacy of your platform.

  2. Streamlined operations

    Our solution takes the weight of licensure verification off your shoulders, allowing your team to focus on core business activities.

  3. Risk reduction

    Regulators around the world are requiring that digital commerce companies better know their business customers—or be held liable.

  4. Expert support

    Benefit from our dedicated team of experts, who keep up to date on country-specific licensure requirements and regulatory exemptions.

Frequently asked questions

How does G2's License Verification benefit my platform?

Our solution helps your platform maintain high standards of compliance and integrity, reducing the risk of regulatory scrutiny and negative news, enhancing user trust, and ensuring that only legitimate, licensed businesses are represented. Most importantly, we protect your consumers from fraud-related loss.

What types of licenses does G2 verify?

G2 verifies a wide range of licenses. Clients are typically concerned with high-risk areas, such as financial services, legal services, and health insurance.

How frequently does G2 re-verify licenses?

Typically, clients ask for annual re-verification to ensure continued compliance with the latest regulations. However, frequency can be customized based on your platform’s specific needs and the risk profile of the industry.

What happens if a potential advertiser fails the license verification?

If a business fails the verification, they are notified and provided with decision reasoning. Some applicants may be required to provide additional information.

How does G2 ensure the security of data during the verification process?

We employ stringent data security measures to protect all information processed during the verification. Our systems are compliant with relevant data protection laws and regulations.

How do I get started with G2's License Verification Solution?

Contact us to schedule a consultation and our team will assess your specific business needs.