G2 Risk Solutions and Mastercard Combine AI and Merchant Insights

G2 Risk Solutions

Partner with the go-to experts in risk and compliance business intelligence.

Solutions for payments providers

Act fast on insights across the entire merchant lifecycle, backed by two decades of industry-leading merchant data and expertise.


Global Onboarding

Grow your business with confidence by detecting suspicious merchants before they board.

Persistent Merchant Monitoring

Monitor merchant websites globally for non-compliant, illegal, and brand-damaging content.

Transaction Laundering Detection

Systematically monitor online merchants to identify illegal payment processing operations.

Solutions for online platforms

Drive growth while maintaining the trust and safety of your platform.


Marketplace Monitoring

Monitor online marketplaces globally for illegal and policy violating content.

Ad Monitoring

Detect violating advertisers quickly so you can grow your business with confidence.

License Verification

Ensure your high-risk advertisers hold required licensure.


Solutions for lenders and creditors

Effectively manage credit risks, collections, and debt buying with our tailored solutions for financial institutions.


Bankruptcy Notifications

Minimize losses and maximize recoveries by quickly and accurately identifying bankrupt accounts.

Docket Event Monitoring

Receive time sensitive matters while reducing FTE workload with curated daily docket event updates.

Bankruptcy Case Search

Save costs and FTE time with our simple and efficient PACER replacement.

Automated Court Document Filing

Reduce costs with streamlined workflow queues for timely filing.


Solutions for banks and regulators

Stay ahead of financial, credit, and regulatory risks by leveraging our innovative risk management platform.


Regulatory Reporting Solutions

Leverage your existing data infrastructure to allow in-country teams to manage jurisdiction-specific regulatory rules, data validations, and regulatory templates.

Credit Risk Solutions

Effortlessly manage regulatory risks and stay compliant with the latest regulatory norms on asset quality classifications and provisions pertaining to loan allowance calculations.

Data Analytics Platform

Harness the power of advanced analytics and machine learning algorithms seamlessly integrated into a user-friendly interface, tailored to meet the unique data needs of your organization.

Supervisory Platform

Seamlessly monitor industry participants’ performance and make informed macro-economic decisions with our robust data collection and insights platform.