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Bankruptcy Case Search

Save costs and FTE time with our simple and efficient PACER replacement.

Bankruptcy Case Search
Replace PACER

Replace PACER

Easily access all court data with our powerful and user-friendly Bankruptcy Case Search (BCS) portal. Access all bankruptcy case information in our database—every docket line from every case in the country is updated nightly.

  • Eliminate manual PACER lookups.
  • Stop dreading your quarterly PACER invoice.
  • Get started in 10 minutes or less.

Why replace PACER

  • Searching PACER data is highly manual and time-consuming.
  • Using a single PACER credential across an entire team is inefficient.
  • Filing documents requires credentials in each court jurisdiction.
  • Planning your budget is difficult due to fluctuating invoices.

Easy-to-access bankruptcy case search

Streamlining inefficiencies with purpose-built solutions allows you to reduce costs and make best use of your existing team. With BCS, a single person can manage more bankruptcies during peaks—thus reducing the need to add headcount—while during lows, you reduce overall bankruptcy management costs by reducing cash expenditures.


Key benefits

Key benefit

Reduce your PACER bill

Save 25-35% over PACER fees, even more when bundled with other products. Never pay twice for the same document.

Key benefit

Search multiple criteria

Search by debtor or bankruptcy case information. Searchable AKAs and DBAs and all associated SSNs and TINs. Key bankruptcy data summarized on one page.

Key benefit

Access real-time updates

View current case information—all docket entries on every case are automatically updated daily. Receive the most recent case information throughout the day, upon request.

Key benefit

Get started in minutes

Navigate our intuitive and easy-to-use online portal with just 10 minutes of training or less. Manage users with easily accessible administrative tools.


Unique user credentials

Assign each staff member unique credentials, allowing management to track system usage by user, pre-define download restrictions to control costs, and allocate costs to different departments based on usage.

Intuitive layout

Streamline your recovery team’s bankruptcy process workflow. Bankruptcy operations analysts and UI design experts architected our online platform to maximize efficiency and review case information with minimal training.

Automated document storage

Retrieve, print, or save documents to your local system anytime. Documents are automatically stored in our database with the associated case for future review, eliminating duplicate charges.

Near real-time case information

View case details and dockets updated nightly, with real-time intraday refreshes available on-demand.

Full social security number (SSN)

We uniquely appends SSNs to nearly 100% of all bankruptcy cases, enabling searches on additional criteria not typically available with other third-party PACER aggregators.