G2 Risk Solutions and Mastercard Combine AI and Merchant Insights
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Merchant Risk

Future-proofing Merchant Compliance 

Not every payments business has someone dedicated solely to card network compliance. With changing regulations and increased enforcement and fines…you should. Whether you fill that role yourself or see it as a gap in your organization, join us for this important discussion about systematizing your risk and compliance programs.

Topics include:
  • Compliance reporting: Planning for and responding to card network requests.
  • Change detection: Staying up-to-date with merchant policies.
  • Negative news: Avoiding adverse media and reputational damage.
  • Merchant Risk

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Annabel Pisani
Group Head of Risk and Fraud
Trust Payments

Annabel Pisani serves as a Group Head of Risk and Fraud at Trust Payments Ltd for the past four years. Annabel is responsible for the group monitoring of the acquiring business including fraud protection, AML
prevention and process improvements within the risk team. Also, analysis the risks for the organisation when introducing new products/services.

Annabel comes with a banking background, were she served in managerial roles (lending and risk areas) for a Maltese Commercial Bank for over 20 years.

Annabel was a contributor in choosing/implementing several systems to help with risk mitigation, monitoring and process improvements. Annabel is passionate about sharing her working experience and best practices with others, hence attends a number of forums and webinars both as a speaker and a participant.

Julie Schwartz
Vice President, Senior Compliance Officer
Esquire Bank

Julie Schwartz is the Vice President, Senior Compliance Officer at Esquire Bank. With over 10 years of payment industry experience, she adds value to the business by ensuring compliance of payment network rules and standards, along with managing reputational risk. She works closely with payment networks, various service providers as well as merchant business partners and partners with various teams to assist with legal and regulatory compliance of merchant portfolio. She is responsible for investigating, understanding, and conducting bank compliance activities related to payment network processing by establishing disciplined operational and management approaches. She ensures internal and external stakeholders are educated with the latest updates to payment network rules and educates the proper application of industry standards.

Julie is an active member of the Association of Payment Professionals (previously MAC) and has served multiple years as a member of the Risk, Fraud & Security Committee for the Electronic Transaction Association (ETA).

John Gangi
SPM Lead
G2 Risk Solutions (G2RS)

John has worked in the merchant compliance industry across multiple areas of expertise. His work with G2RS’ Transaction Laundering team has given him valuable insights into the nature of card brand assessments and the surface level risk factors that can help identify bad actors. His specialization was in merchant investigations, which translated to his role as lead of the Change Detection team. He knows the importance of having all your bases covered and is intimately familiar with G2RS’ manual and automated tools to help businesses track them.