G2 Risk Solutions and Mastercard Combine AI and Merchant Insights
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Merchant Risk

Risky Business: Forecasting Top Threats to the Payments Industry

We received overwhelmingly positive feedback on the original live session presented at APP Level Up 24. To make this important information available to all, join us for an encore session. This recording is expanded to include additional content and Q&A.

Skip the crystal ball and join us for a real-world look into three significant threats poised to disrupt the payments landscape in 2024.

Topics will include:
  • Marketplace minefields: E-commerce platforms are hotbeds of regulatory scrutiny.
  • Toxic trends: Peddlers of tainted nutraceuticals heighten financial and reputational risk.
  • Deepfake dangers: Companies offering deepfakes-as-a-service threaten your portfolio.
  • Merchant Risk

Webinar recording



Rochelle Blease
G2 Risk Solutions

Rochelle Blease is the president of G2/LCI and the chief product and strategy officer responsible for accelerating growth across the G2, LCI, and Fintellix portfolio. She is a seasoned risk and compliance business executive with more than 35 years of experience leading global growth initiatives. She has deep expertise in financial services, legal, corporate digital safety, and security markets.

Before joining her current role, Rochelle was EVP for Products & Strategy at Sontiq, a leading provider of intelligent identity security solutions. In just two years, she more than doubled the portfolio revenue and led the successful sale of Sontiq to Transunion where she co-led integration efforts. Previously, as SVP of strategy and business development at Wolters Kluwer, she led growth of the Global Financial Services and Risk & Compliance portfolio by 600%.

Niamh Lewis
G2 Risk Solutions

Niamh Lewis is an attorney who specializes in the online sale of medicines, dietary supplements, and CBD—as well as related FDA and international regulatory matters. Niamh is a frequent public speaker on topics related to the intersection of law, technology, and healthcare. Recently, Niamh was presented with the Law360 Distinguished Legal Writing Award for her article, Internet Pharmacies: Trends, Opportunities, and Risks.